Newspaper, Please

I wish newspapers were relevant to this generation. We bluntly define these pieces of inked paper as boring, long paragraphs that are overly informative on daily occurrences that we can simply understand through a sentence on our phones. This is true..only because we do not flip the front pages and explore the stories that hide behind the large, main titles.

Newspapers were my Sunday mornings resting on the couch with my Grandpa and two cups of jasmine tea on the coffee table. Every morning I enthusiastically jumped out of bed because I knew what would await me the moment I stepped into the living room. I would smile and run with my pajamas and a blanket at hand to grab the paper that he would preset for me open to the Sunday comics next to a cozy, empty seat beside him. We would set the clock to fifteen minutes as he read his daily Vietnamese paper while I carefully scanned the illustrations–specifically Dilbert and Peanuts. He would then hand me a bright marker and we spent hours completing the crossword and kids puzzles on the corner of the comics.


Newspapers were also our family’s mini Olympics between my Dad, sister, and me to see who would wake up first and open to the weather section of the Local news. Weekday mornings before school consisted of sliding socks against the wooden floors as we raced to the doorstep. With bags planted under her eyes, my Mom and grandparents would trail behind in the early morning yawning, “70 degrees? 85?” to find us three falling on the floor tumbling with laughter.

As I grew older, these traditions gradually stopped. Once in awhile I find my sister and me leaving the house and having a quick glimpse of the weather section. Once in awhile, I find my Grandpa laying on his bed and reading the paper. Even though we no longer do these things together–even though we don’t find ourselves on the floor falling and giggling anymore, we will always have that piece of past and we’ll always find ourselves incorporating them into our daily actions. Most importantly, each and every one of us always finds ourselves walking to the paper in the morning and smiling because we know all the memories that one newspaper represents.

Newspapers document events of today’s world. They tell real life stories, entertain people with humorous cartoons, telecast how much sunshine to expect throughout the day. They let us know what to expect. They help us make decisions that will evolve into memories imprinted in our journals of stories. And if you ask me, that’s something I would want to hold onto and keep behind the pages for my future generations to uncover.

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