What is “good”


©2011 by Hades2k [CC by 2.0]

With only about 6 more weeks until the beloved holiday Christmas, kids across America are starting to make wish lists of everything they want and hope they will wake up with brightly wrapped presents sitting under the decorated Christmas tree. Santa will come and drop off presents through the chimney to all the good kids. But, what is considered “good?”

Some kids never do anything bad such as drugs or fighting, and they might even get superb grades, but in the eyes of their parents, they are not reaching their expectations. Parents always say “you have so much potential to do better!” or “you didn’t try hard enough!” However, I think parents only say that because they are talking to the offspring of themselves, so naturally they want their kids to excel and represent the parents. Even when were trying our hardest, that just might not be our forte. For example, I hated baseball and was never good at it, but my father forced me to do baseball for about 5 years because he loved baseball as a kid and wanted me to be like him and hopefully be good at it. All I did was get him frustrated and I got in trouble. Finally, he gave up on me and said it was okay for me to quit. He was extremely upset at me that I had not followed what he wanted me to do and I was punished for trying my best at something I was just not good at.

Being good is different for every family and there are different expectations, but these expectations should not be based on the parent’s childhood, they should be based off the child themselves. I wish I could have spent those five years wasted on baseball to do and excel at something I enjoy and am good at.

When Christmas time comes around keep adding to your wish lists whether your an adult or child and hope that maybe you will be good enough to deserve those presents from Santa or a loved one. Remember that expectations are different for everyone so don’t compare yourself to your coworker, fellow student, or friend.


2 thoughts on “What is “good”

  1. insideoutofenglish says:

    Awe that is so cute! I love how you started it off by talking about Christmas, but then transitioned to the deeper thought of “what is good.” This really got me thinking about how much pressure parents put on their kids to be like them. So sad!


  2. aika4800 says:

    This post is so sad but so true. Many people including myself can relate to the pressures put on children by their parents. I can completely understand what it feels like to spend so much time on something that you don’t love, but I’m sure you’re great something that is such a natural passion, you just don’t realize it. Or you may not have found that certain passion yet. Your message at the end is such an important thing to be aware of in life and it’s great that you put it out there for others to see.


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