Mr. Little Jeans @ Constellation Room

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Mr. Little Jeans show. It was held in the Constellation Room in Santa Ana so it was pretty intimate. This was one of the only concerts I’ve been to where I didn’t know the artist very well. Of course I knew her popular hits such as: The Suburbs, Rescue Song, and Good Mistake but other than that, the songs she sang were foreign.


I stood in the very front to the left of the stage. I felt so close to her and it was definitely a different and interesting experience to watch from the perspective I was at. Compared to other shows I’ve been to, I could normally only afford myself nosebleed seats and enjoying the artist singing from a screen would suffice. But this time it was cool watching all the face expressions she made while singing really sentimental lyrics.

After the show was over, my friend and I lingered around the almost empty room to meet her. My friend bought herself a CD and a T-shirt while I copped myself a record. I discovered that her real name is Monica as she signed both our CD and record and she hugged both of us. Meeting her was adorable, actually. I liked hearing the sound of her regular, talking voice and comparing it to her singing voice.


My favorite thing to do when I buy an album (besides admiring the album art) is giving the songs I was unaware of a chance. And relistening to songs that didn’t sway me before. I always find that when I have tangible copies of the music I listen to, I enjoy it more. I think it may be due to the fact that you can find music so easily on the internet now, and a physical copy just makes it more special.

Since I bought her album, I’ve been listening to it nonstop while getting ready, doing homework, etc. It’s become my everyday soundtrack that jingles in the back of my mind while I continue on with my day. Some new favorites of mine would be Heaven Sent and Valentine.

I’m glad I went to her show because then, I wouldn’t have met such a nice person and discover such cool tracks.


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