Marumo no Okite


Marumo no Okite, Marumo’s Rules, a Japanese drama that my Japanese class watches. Every Friday we watch it after we finish our classwork, and then on Monday we have a quiz on the episode. This weekend we watched the last episode of the series.

According to Asian Wiki , the plot of Marumo no Okite is that Marumo no Okite is a family drama with a touch of fantasy about a man who becomes the guardian of his friend’s twin children Kaoru and Tomoki. The two kids find a dog named Mook, and it turns out that he can speak like a human. Marumo, a nickname given to him by the twins, has no parenting experience, however, makes a great parent. He manages to care for the twins, together with the help of his landlord and the landlord’s daughter. Over time, they face many challenges, with Marumo trying hard to balance his time between his work and taking care of the twins.

Mamoru Takagi, who is played by Sadao Abe, is one of the main protagonists of the series decides he wants to become the guardian of his old friend’s twin children. Kaoru (Mana Ashida) and Tomoki (Fuku Suzuki) are 7 years old and have to be enrolled into the first grade. They all live together in Marumo’s apartment. His landlord is Yosuke Hatanaka (Masanori Sera) and his daughter Aya, (Manami Higa) who suddenly returns home one day after being divorced to her husband, graciously help Marumo take care of the twins. Each day they all go through many hardships and struggles.

Marumo no Okite ep07 (704x396 x264).mp4_snapshot_35.21_[2011.06.12_10.41.58]

I, personally, found the drama to be quite amusing. I have to admit though, throughout the whole series I found Mamoru to be pretty creepy. In many episodes he would say that he wanted to stay with the twins forever and that made me feel uncomfortable. But, don’t let my opinion steer you away from this roller coaster of a drama. I didn’t expect it to be so exciting. Every time my Japanese class watches it we all scream at the screen and freak out about what’s happening in the episode. I’m pretty sure the Spanish classes down the hall are all wondering what the heck we’re screaming about.

Though I had mixed feelings about this series, I still recommend everyone to watch it. It’s an experience.



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