Dear 2017 Me.

Dear 2017 Me,

I am writing you this to see if your, or should I say our, resolutions have come through so far. It is 7:56PM as I’m writing this and about four hours await us for the new year of 2016. Let’s start.

Hopefully you are more mindful of your surroundings. Technology is evolving faster than ever so I want to make sure that you’re still in contact with others–that you’re vocally voicing your opinions and communicating to the world! So after you read this, go out and enjoy the grass, the sky, and the little things that nature has to offer.

Are you done knitting that scarf? You saved up for that looming kit so if that scarf is anywhere, it better be around your neck and keeping you warm for the next year to come.

Remember your dreams and go for it. You are a high school senior now…the clock is ticking…And if I know anything, Mom’s probably reminding you every ten minutes about how her youngest is growing too fast and she probably has an entire catalogue of dresses you must wear on Grad night and Dad’s probably trying to change your major and persuading you on how dentistry is the way to go…But do not let that stop you from paving your path. Commit to your own decisions and remember–you have control.

Are you 5’3” yet? Now that’s important. We’ve been 5’2” for God knows how long. 1 MORE INCH! Drink more milk or jump some more–there is still a chance!

Take risks. Go for it! Would you want to be 45 and looking back on your 17-year-old self and wonder what would’ve happened if you took a chance on your dreams and followed through? The worse that could happen is that it didn’t work out. Does not make you any less of a person and if anything, it taught you something new.

This ties with the first resolution, but I hope you are valuing your family and friends more. Grandpa, Grandma, your sister, your God family…how are they? As much as your college applications and extracurriculars are important, put them down and talk to them. Soon enough, your sister will be off to med school and she won’t be barging in your room every morning to borrow your black tank top or calculator. The point is…really spend time with the people who love you because they will not alway be there.

Future me, Happy New Year. For you it’s 2017–year of more opportunities and chances to explore your future and express who you are!

Make it a great year and keep being a better you.


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