“Fancy” Water





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Recently, I bought a bottle of Evian water from the French Alps, a glass of Voss Artesian water from Norway, and a bottle of Fiji Artesian water, just to try it to see if it were any different than average normal filtered refrigerator water. I thought they might taste better or be healthier because of the minerals inside the water. Also the packaging was above average and the marketing of those 3 waters swayed me to purchase and try them. 

Evian water is natural spring water from the French Alps where it’s been bottled since 1826. It has a crisp and clean taste. I’m not a connoisseur of water, but I do have my opinions and preferences. However, I’m not sure if these preferences are affected by the bottle or marketing. The Voss water is popular on tumblr and has made appearances in media, such as Pitch Perfect 2. These waters have been advertised a lot to appeal to customers and make them want to drink fancy water. But is it really fancy? I decided to see if I could tell the difference between these expensive waters and plain ole filtered refrigerator water. 

First, I labeled 4 glasses A, B, C, and D. Then I went away and had someone fill one cup with Evian, Voss, Fiji, and refrigerator water. I came back and drank some from each cup and tried to guess what I thought each one was. I got Voss right, I thought Fiji was the refrigerator water, I thought Evian was Fiji, and I thought the refrigerator water was Evian.

Even though Fiji and Voss are both Artesian water, but from different places, the Voss water had a cleaner taste. The Voss was similar to the refrigerator water. And Evian was a little strong but not as strong as Fiji.

In the end, only Voss won and the others were somewhat disappointing. I still feel like my answers were still a little bias even though I tried to keep it as even as possible. So, marketing and packaging really got these waters far because I think if it were different, I wouldn’t have bought or even picked up any of these waters. Overall, it was an interesting taste test, but there are so many other waters that get lots of press such as: Wataah!, antipodes, and Blk water. I didn’t get those, but they can wait for another water taste test!


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