Easier to Cry

It’s everywhere. It’s very evident that men and women are treated differently. There are statistics that women are paid less than men. Sexism has existed in our lives since practically the beginning of time.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby is set in the era of the 1920’s; where alcohol is prohibited and people are illegally distributing alcohol. Tom Buchanan, an extremely wealthy man who has a mansion in New York overlooking a beautiful lake, and a beautiful wife. What more could he ask for? But, that’s not enough for him. Tom Buchanan has a mistress.

Picture: Pop Sugar via Warner Bros.

He throws his wife, Daisy, aside and has a fling with Myrtle. Daisy apparently wasn’t good enough for Tom and so he had to find something else to entertain him.

“Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand.”

  Tom broke Myrtle’s nose because she had said Daisy’s name repeatedly.

But what’s worse than Tom’s infidelity is Daisy’s attitude towards this. She knows that Tom is being unfaithful, yet she doesn’t do anything to stop it. If Tom stops treating Daisy like a trophy-wife and Daisy starts taking action and trying to get her husband in line; then the sexism won’t end. The inequitable treatment between men and women is so clear in this era. 

I Want a Wife, by Judy Brady,  has become a classic piece of feminist writing. It is humorous, but it states the underlying truth about women. We are seen as wives.

“I want a wife who takes care of children when they are sick…because, of course, I cannot miss classes at school.”

She states these situations and they are clearly very sexist. Women are supposed to take care of the children, stay at home, and make sure the house is clean. But that’s not equality. Equality is when both husband AND wife take care of the children together and work together to make sure all the bills and such are paid.

I believe that there are advances being made, so that women are treated as equals to men.

Picture: Sophia Calhoun via The Odyssey

I think that feminism is seen in a bad light. Whenever people mention that they’re a feminist people always assume that they hate men. But it’s not like that. Of course there are radical feminists out there that strongly believe that women are superior, but most of them are regular people. Like you and me. Who just want equality between the genders.

Going back to the 1920’s women didn’t even have the right to vote until they made the 19th Amendment. My question is: why weren’t women given the right to vote in the very first amendment? Why did it have to take until the 19th?

Picture: Unknown – Library of Congress

In TV Girl’s song: Easier to Cry, I feel as if it is not trying the degrade women, per say, but it is depicting women as weaker than men.

“Cigarette between her fingers
And a drink in her hand
She thought about the times
When her looks were still in demand

And wondered where the time had gone
When did everything go wrong…”

Though the girl in the song does realize what is happening, she chooses just to cry everything out instead of doing anything about her situation.

Just like Daisy in The Great Gatsby.

Feminism, is something women need. It’s becoming more evident throughout social media, people are voicing their opinions. Changes are being made. All we needed to do was give it a little push.


3 thoughts on “Easier to Cry

  1. lrlebouvier says:

    Nice article! I am a feminist as well, and I think this was a really inspiring article about how being a feminist shouldn’t be labeled as such a negative thing. When you said that Daisy should have stuck up for herself in the situation with Tom and Myrtle, I kind of disagree. I think that situation, she couldn’t have done anything, the 1920’s were a strict time for women, and I think if she talked about it, people would have shamed her for talking bad about her husband, but if she left people would think she’s unloyal. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just how those times were. That’s why feminism is important, like you’re saying in your article! We need to be able to speak up for the disrespect we get!


  2. ongakunomusic says:

    I like the idea of using our own government to show how feminism affected us back in the day. Also, you’ve made feminism something that shouldn’t be put into a negative box like how it is now. I appreciate that. Also, love the pictures and really think that using a poem in your blog post was very different and interesting. Keep it up! 🙂


  3. Elaine says:

    I love the “Feminism is for Everyone” picture! I do agree that feminism isn’t about hating men, it’s about advocating for equality, however most radical feminists don’t believe they are “above men.” Radical feminists are extreme as they are because of how fed up they are- they take action to make a difference. However the women who do claim to hate men are not true feminists, because that’s not the true purpose of the movement.


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