The Power of Ambidexterity

Wannee 14 March 2011 CC0 1.0

Ambidexterity is the ability to sufficiently use the right hand and the left hand, but some keep it a secret and use one hand most of the time. Consequently, when forced or asked to use the other hand, they can wow people with little effort. One person who I think fits this description would be Brian Cao, a fellow golfer. Normally he is left handed in golfing, but one day when I asked him if he wanted to hit my right hand golf club, he accepted and did suspiciously well. He hit the ball almost as good as I could normally hit it. I have to admit I was somewhat jealous Brian could do these things so naturally, but then I thought maybe he is secretly ambidextrous. So, I investigated further.

Another sport where ambidexterity is more common is baseball. There are many players that can bat left or right handed and batting is very difficult because it is trying to hit a fast round object with another round object, but players can bat left or right handed. My cousin, AJ Mayeda, is a phenomenal baseball player and he is ambidextrous when batting. I’m sure he can also throw left as well, but chooses to normally use his right hand. He can hit left or right depending on where he wants to hit the ball, and he does it so naturally as if it is nothing.

Emily Burr is another ambidextrous individual. She does pole vaulting and so there is like a certain rhythm and steps to take. She says that sometimes when she messes up the steps and lands on her left foot (she is right handed) to expel herself up, she can still do an adequate job and this amazes me.

Judo, a Japanese martial art, is another sport with lots of players who are ambidextrous. I do judo and at first we learn how to do it just right handed or left handed (I’m right handed). However, when progressing, a judo player is expected to practice both left and right hand sides to broaden their abilities and open up possibilities. So, I have to practice left handed moves as well as right handed, but it is really difficult and I can’t understand how people do it so naturally.

There are many other sports and activities where they practice left and right hand sides such as basketball or piano. Overall, ambidexterity is truly a gift I wish I was blessed with, and I envy those who are capable of using both hands.


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