Missing: Play Time

When you’re in high school, you take on more responsibility. You’re learning new subjects and life lessons. You undergo situations outside your comfort zone as you digress from the kid you once were to…well, still a kid, but a growing young adult. And as you fulfill these new levels of experiences, you lose one of the most important and memorable encounters of them all: Play time.


Image: Jennifer Silverberg

It didn’t shake me until the other week, but I will never have the pleasure of playing handball again. Of course, I will always have the ability to find a wall, pull out a bouncy ball, and go at it by myself, but what I mean is, I will never experience the glorious realm of competition between my sweet adolescent self and fellow 10-year-old, drooling classmates again.

I miss the days of sitting in my creaking chair and watching the clock tick on that Friday afternoon. All the 5th graders anticipated for the loud scream that would echo from our teacher’s mouth, “Fun Friday! Everyone go out!” We’d all race to the ball cart secretly kept, but not locked well, in the cabinet and if there was something every 5th grader surely knew, it’s which was the best and high quality ball to grab, because the moment someone called dibs on it, everyone knew which court would have the longest line and challenging game.

That entire idea is soon to become a missing piece in my life–that idea where I’ll be stuck in a handball court with people I am forced to go to school with and I mean that in a positive way. Hand ball helped me find friends because it push us, kids, into this box and forced us to work together and communicate in order to win.


Image: Rugrats 

I’ll miss that when I leave high school. I’ll miss the idea of going to classes with people I’ve grown up with and spending time with them in our handball courts of a classroom. We’re all losing that root in our childhood where we use your free time to play and have fun…And when I say, “have fun,” I mean without video games, phones, and all that technology has replaced slides, swings, and handball for.

I’m gaining a lot of knowledge and skill as I grow older, but in my mind, there’s a sign that hangs on tightly to the wall that reads, “Play Time.” For now, it’s missing. But, I really do hope I find it again.


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