Alive house plants are lacking in modern homes with people becoming “too busy” to care for a live house plant or are just plain lazy. They may buy a fake house plant for mere decoration, but an alive house plant would have other advantages. They have other benefits such as natural air purifiers and stress relievers. Not to mention, they help the world by reducing the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere which contributes to balancing global warming. An excuse like “But I live in an apartment in a heavily populated urban area” is void, and even more reason to have a house plant because you can care for it in the corner of your apartment and it might help balance the carbon dioxide you expel.

Olsson 15 June 2005 CC BY-SA 3.0

This plant is a snake plant which is unique because it respires carbon dioxide and produces oxygen during the night, while most plants perform this task during the day. This is beneficial because it can help while you sleep and promote a deeper sleep. This plant can filter out unhealthy chemicals in the air such as formaldehyde, benzene, carbon dioxide, and smoke. Plus it requires little water and sunlight, so even if you live a “busy” lifestyle in urban areas high in smog and carbon dioxide in an apartment, then this plant is perfect.

Zander 31 March 2008 CC BY-SA 2.5

This is a gerbera daisy with many other benefits including the snake plant benefits. There are so many houseplants, each with special properties to not only decorate a room, but also naturally heal you and the Earth. You can read more about other house plants and their healing properties at Huffington Post.



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