Private February


If you hadn’t known, I like to make monthly Soundcloud playlists where I store all the songs I’ve discovered that month in my leisure time. People often ask me, “Why do you do that?” And the answer is always the same: for nostalgic purposes. I like going back to my playlists and listening to a specific month to feel the same vibe that that month carries. Each playlist is labeled with the year, date, month, and a witty remark about the month just to make it easier for me to track back when I discovered those songs. They each hold a different vibe and different types of genres so I’ll always have a large selection to choose from when I’m picking out a soundtrack to get ready to in the morning or when I’m walking to my classes.

My playlists have always been public for me to share with my friends because we all have a fairly similar music taste. However, this past February I’ve made a private playlist where I stored a crap-load of songs I don’t normally listen to. This month’s playlist holds more than twice as many songs as my regular ones hold. I stumbled upon so many gems but I guess you can say I’m just a bit embarrassed to share them with anybody. It was weird breaking out of my routine of making a regular playlist of the month, but I felt content with the fact that this month’s playlist was private because some of my feelings were projected through some of the lyrics. It makes me feel like a new person due to the fact that these songs aren’t what I would normally listen to. You’re probably thinking that I invest a lot of time and energy into my music, *laughs*. It’s because I do.

Ironically, the shortest month of the year held the most memories (in a long time) for me to look back on. I’m glad I’ve created a playlist where I can go back and feel the same feelings I’ve felt this past month. And with such a large amount of songs compared to the other months, I could supply myself for the whole year. :—)


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