A Needle & A Sock

My relationship with my grandma is one that’s been held together with strong thread. Where the fabric of my life has torn or ripped, she’s been able to sew it together simply with her gentle and kind heart. She’s hemmed the stitches and helped me realize that life has its tears, but if you put the effort and time into repairing the holes, you’ll find that even though the rough patches remain with you forever, they are what make you the person you are–they are what make you beautiful.

The fondest memory we shared–the first memory we shared–was a hot, summer day. I remember my sister, grandma, and I were extremely obsessed with the show What Not to Wear. My grandma would always knit while joining in with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly’s rude remarks on how hideous flared pants looks (and she still does to this day).

When the show ended, one of Martha Stewart’s old craft segments aired. Martha was making sock monkeys. I was amazed. I loved the idea that a plain, old sock could become of something so, in my seven-year-old mind, “fuzzy, cute, and ADORABLE.” My grandma saw how my eyes lit up as I gazed upon the screen and how I was so fascinated by crafts (and also Martha Stewart. She’s pretty cool). Before I knew it, we went through all the sock drawers in the house, took the brightest pink ones we could find, and went to it.


After the hours of google searches for different sock monkey designs and layouts, little needle pokes to the skin from my inexperience with sewing, and an endless marathon of watching Martha Stewart, we finished. We created this small, pink creature that lies on my shelf to this day. It was the start to our weekly sewing and knitting sessions, it was the start of our endless trails of failure to bake oatmeal cookies, it led to so many memories, and it was the thread that kept us closely together.

My grandma showed me how to make dreams and aspirations a reality, she taught me to stitch and accept the rips that may come with taking risks to do so. She is an amazing woman who’s shown me countless values and not to mention sewing and knitting skills. Our relationship started with a needle and a sock and from that, we’ve assembled this strong and endless thread of a love and friendship.

P.S. Thank you, Grandma. Because of you…



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