First Timer

So, recently, I’ve started to learn how to drive. DON’T WORRY. I have my permit and everything. Last weekend I just finished up doing my behind-the-wheel training.

I have some super mixed feelings about driving though.

First off, I feel like I am okay” at driving. SUPER emphasis on “okay”. I’m not exactly the greatest, but I don’t think I’m the worst.  From just being born to now sitting in a car is a whole different feeling then actually driving a car. The difference is so crazy.


At first I was really scared about driving on the streets because when my dad first started teaching me how to drive he made me drive around my neighborhood. Driving around my neighborhood made me feel really cool because I know quite a few people who live around my neighborhood from elementary school and such.

The thought of having to drive on the street terrified me because then I would have to pay attention to other cars and turn my head around to change lanes. I was scared out of my mind. And since my friend had recommended my driving instructor to me, she had told me that the second day my instructor would teach me she would make me drive on the freeway.


Anxiety overcame me. I was so nervous.

But my instructor is so nice and calm. She made me feel at ease, though I was very shy and awkward. I felt really dumb whenever I would make mistakes in driving. I almost got into an accident while making a U-turn. Afterwards I felt super-duper stupid.

I don’t know why, but I always want to drive more after my lessons. Driving gives me so much adrenaline. I always find myself asking my parents if I can drive places. Although, I keep asking I do have a good reason to. Since my license test will be in May! (Wish me luck!!)


You really need to pay attention when driving. You don’t realize that when you’re in the passenger seat. When I’m in the passenger seat of a car I usually never pay attention to the other cars; I just pay attention to the outdoor scenery or I just fall asleep.

That’s my two-sense on driving!

Be safe while driving!!


One thought on “First Timer

  1. OnceADreamFV says:

    Lol. I feel you. The anxiety crawls up your skin when you see a bunch of other drivers make really harsh aggressive moves. hahaha. But no worries, you’ll do super well. Also good luck on your driver’s test.


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