Cherry Glazerr, Wavves, and Best Coast


Yesterday I went to go see some of my favorite bands live at the House of Blues in Anaheim. It was my first time attending a concert there so I thought it was really exciting, especially being around so many Disney stores. It was an interesting experience because I witnessed people “moshing” for the first time and I’ve always heard about how horrible it is on tumblr and stuff. I wasn’t a part of it, but it was so entertaining watching people crowd-surf and losing their shoes and jackets whilst listening to some of my favorite songs.

Seeing some of my favorite songs being performed in front of me was a very magical experience because it really isn’t like listening to it through your headphones or laptop but you know all the lyrics and can sing along to it, just like everybody else there. Everyone was so happy and easy to talk to, literally the best vibes all around. Though I only knew two out of the three bands that performed, Cherry Glazerr and Best Coast, it was nice seeing everyone enjoy themselves when Wavves performed. I tried listening to their album, King of the Beach, before I came because I didn’t want to spend an hour bobbing my head to music I couldn’t recognize. Overall, a very cute and warm experience.

I bought really interesting band merchandise when I was at the venue. I was torn between buying Cherry Glazerr’s album on vinyl or buying a pair of American Apparel underwear with their name ironed on the back of it. I figured that I owned many records already and an underwear piece was something different to take home, I went with the underwear piece.


I was so happy that Cherry Glazerr played my two favorite songs from their album, Trick or Treat Dancefloor and Teenage Girl. I was really into them last summer and hearing them yesterday felt so nostalgic. My need to catch it on video took some of its charm away but when I put my phone down, I really felt the music crawling up my arm skin and it gave me chills. I’ll always love going to concerts for this feeling


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