Spring Break

Every kid loves Spring break and many love the season. It is a time when weather supposedly heats up if you live in places where seasons actually exist and is known as the season of birth. Spring Break for Fountain Valley High School is only three short weeks away, and students can relax or have more time to study for finals.

by Kropsoq April 2007 CC BY-SA 3.0

Last year during Spring break, I visited Japan to witness the beauty of blooming cherry blossoms and see other magnificent features of Japan. It was my first time outside the country and it was amazing! We were a little late to see the peak of the cherry blossom blooming, but we still got to see pretty cherry blossoms. We also visited some old castles and temples like the Kinkakuji Temple which is gold. We ate delicious authentic Japanese food everyday and each city we visited had a unique dish they were known for. I also met some relatives for the first time which was interesting to hear the family history, and they served a hearty meal that was completely made from ingredients grown on their farm.

Spring in Japan was refreshing and there was light rain. It was a little cold at times, but it was a nice cold, you could walk around in a light jacket and feel fine. However in Southern California, it is almost always in the seventies with little deviation ever. It is nice weather, but I like it when the weather and seasons change and new things come about in Spring.

Hopefully, this coming Spring break I can enjoy the subtle changes of nature in Southern California, my break from school, and have some time to study for upcoming finals, ACTs, and AP tests. It’s funny how it’s called Spring break, but we students still feel the pressure and stress to perform well in school.


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