Cherry Blossom Festival 

So last week, I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival with my family. It was in the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego. Honestly, the two hour drive gave me such a major headache, since I had to get up early and I didn’t get enough sleep. We left the house at around 10 and got to the Friendship Garden at around 12. We stayed there until about 2:30.

The price to get into the garden was pretty cheap. Adults were about $8 and children under 6 were free. The parking was pretty hectic though. My dad had to park SUPER far away and it took him and us about 5 minutes to walk to and back from the garden.

So if you’re planning to go next year I suggest that you go pretty early since parking is really hard to get if you don’t want to walk half a mile to get back to your car.

Before you actually enter the garden there’s a little plaza where a few tents are set up; trying to sell things to you before you go in. One of the tents sold really sharp knives, another tent sold Cherry Blossom Festival merchandise, another tent sold hand-made jewelry, and one other one sold cute Japanese stuffed animals and toys.

Inside the garden are more little tents selling things. I saw one that sold really beautiful paintings, but I didn’t really get a good look at them. There’s a little dirt path that you follow and on that path was a little house. Inside the little house was a display with Japanese art; there was a Tanuki and a long scroll with writing on it. If you walked farther into the house there was a small area where you could learn how to play the Asian game of “Go”.

 I got this little booklet from that area.

Near the end of the day we walked around the orchards and happened upon beautiful cherry blossoms.

The cherry blossoms were super pretty and pink, but there were a lot of bees and I was kind of worried that I would be stung for the first time. But thankfully I wasn’t.

It was 1 and we were getting hungry, so my parents decided to buy my siblings and I food.



 These two are common Japanese street food. The first one is called takoyaki which is basically fried octopus balls. And the second is taiyaki which is a bread shaped like a fish which is most commonly filled with red bean sauce.

Though the line for everything was super long the wait was definitely worth it. I especially loved the taiyaki!

Photo by: ME

If you have the chance next year, you should totally check out a cherry blossom viewing festival near you!



One thought on “Cherry Blossom Festival 

  1. hippiegeek42 says:

    What a cool experience! I love cherry blossoms (and all growing things) and it’s always great to dive into another culture (especially when food is involved). It seems to me that your two-hour drive was worth it 🙂


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