Being so close to “the happiest place on Earth”

Yesterday I went to Disneyland, “the happiest place on Earth,” with my cousins from Hawaii. Prior to the exciting event, I was ecstatic to be going to Disneyland with my cousins from Hawaii, which I rarely get to see, and we were going to the best theme park.  As soon as I found out about going, I was psyched and anxious all week to just get school over with and see them.

We started out slow and early, but everyone was revved to go and happy to see each other. It was a little quiet at first because we had not seen each other for awhile, but that silence was soon gone and we were talking nonstop to catch up with each other.


When we arrived at Disneyland I was so enthusiastic to do all the rides and eat all the delicious, but expensive Disneyland snacks. However, when we got there and rode the rides, it kinda lost it’s magic. It was fun, but there was something when I was younger that wasn’t there anymore and it made the rides joyful. I think the fact that we only live like 20 minutes from Disneyland makes it seem less special when we go there. When I was younger I would only go to Disneyland about twice a year and going there so often made it less of a treat. My Hawaii cousins however, had a blast and were excited for everything, even little things like the lights in all the trees that I didn’t notice. I think being so close and knowing that if I really wanted to go to Disneyland, I could go.

The snacks at Disneyland were still, however, “magical.” We had two rounds of churros, frozen strawberry lemonade, Pizza Port pizza, hot chocolate, and various other treats. I love the Disneyland churros and hot chocolate, there is still something that makes it taste better in Disneyland, but I am not entirely sure what it is. I think that when your in the park all day walking around, you crave food more and often.

I still love Disneyland and going there with my Hawaii cousins, but I think I will try to go less so I can experience that nostalgic childhood memory and feeling of being at Disneyland, “the happiest place on Earth.”


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