What If

If I were to put myself under a category, I’d be under the ‘Girl Who Re-watches Movies A Million Times Until She Gets Bored.’ And even then, I’m not even really bored of the movie. I just restrict myself from watching it more because I think to myself that there are other interesting movies my eyes and ears have not experienced yet. But one movie I’ve been really gung ho about recently is the movie What If. It stars Daniel Radcliffe (he’s a normal human being in this one) and Zoe Kazan.


My sister couldn’t give up the idea of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter so she didn’t enjoy it as much as I did… But if you erase that tiny detail and fill it in with the awkward yet comical character of Wallace, it’s a pretty enjoyable watch. Plus, the cute as a button heroine, Chantry, will sweep you off your feet with her strangely adorable oddity.

A dear friend of mine recommended it to me while we were rehearsing lines to audition for a play. If you were wondering, we ended up not auditioning. Too time consuming.

That aside, I’m very grateful I was recommended such a whimsical and lovely romantic comedy. They’re naturally my weakness and I’ve found myself re-watching this one over 10 times now. It’s been a month since I’ve heard about it…? Somewhere along that time span. The eccentric atmosphere and quirky yet cute concept kept my eyes glued to the screen for the whole 102 minutes. Not the mention the soundtrack was perfect. To me, anyway. Am I upset that it got a 6.9/10 according to IMDb? Yes.

Although it’s a rather cliche topic, (boy meets girl, girl has boyfriend, they fight, boy gets the girl) their bond and conversation starters are what really hooked me in. From the movie, I’ve learned many interesting facts that the two discuss when emailing each other, heavily drink, and share boxes of sushi. I love the little details they’ve put into the making of this film because it gives the movie it’s own character with such a primary storyline.

Usually, the movies I tend to watch get very low ratings from Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb. But I guess you could say that my taste in movies are a bit odd. I enjoy characters’ mannerisms and speaking pattern. However, I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. It made me realize the beauty of movies people aren’t usually able to see.


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