Why is money valued?

Money makes us go crazy and drives us to do things we don’t want to do, or it can hold us back from choosing a path known to be more beneficial because it might “cost too much.” Money makes everyone miserable, whether you’ve got it or you don’t. Rich people want to be richer and poor people yearn to be rich. Some might argue that money is what helps drive society to make them work, however most good people would just strive to lead a healthy, happy life. Jaded money-hungry people have been brainwashed to think that money is the only thing they need. However, they just need to try to imagine life where money is not necessary to survive.

Miserable Sharecroppers 31 May 1936 Public Domain

“We’re dependent, you might say, on the company itself. So, I just signed a seven year contract with these at a certain rate of pay.” (Mr. & Mrs. Fox) These farmers from the movie Fresh have to struggle and keep unhealthy livestock so they can support themselves and make a living. These big corporate companies don’t help and they are the rich who just want to be richer.

“Cost ya a dollar, the bag. Take it out o’ your first hundred and fifty.” (Steinbeck 406) All negativity and depression in The Grapes of Wrath is a result of money. Where ever the Joads go, they have to find work in order to get money for their family, to buy food. Money is a burden, it is something that we “need.” However, do we really need money? Not really, people could all work and provide something to society, and then if they desire more, they could work more.

“Driving back to my motel that night, I thought about the people of Orange County, one of the richest counties in the nation – big on family values, yet bankrupt from financial speculation, unwilling to raise taxes to pay for their own children’s education, unwilling to pay off their debts, whining about the injustice of it, and blaming all their problems on illegal immigrants. ” (440 Chapter 7 the Economy – Bowing down to the market) This makes me feel bad because I was born and raised in Orange County, so I guess I can somewhat see what he’s saying, but that’s just a generalization fueled by a jealousy of money. Money doesn’t solve anyone’s problems, it’s not going to help if you have more, it’ll just make people greedy for even more.


One thought on “Why is money valued?

  1. Cjats says:

    Great explanation! Money can be described like an addiction, you always want more, because of material need. You explained this pretty well, I wouldn’t have known otherwise.


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