My Ongoing Nostalgia

Nostalgia is so bittersweet. I especially love the feeling with memories that weren’t too long ago because then, I realize that something recent made a good impact on my life. What really strikes my senses and forces my brain to blast to the past are certain smells and songs.

Usually, the type of smell that makes me feel it the most is (oddly) blood. I had a lot of nose bleeds when I was a child, almost once every three days or something. They weren’t small incidents either, I’d have to lay down on my old living room couch for hours and I remember swallowing a lot of it. Now, when I sniff just the slightest scent of blood, I shiver at the feeling of being seven again. Greasy, artery clogging, fried, Asian food aroma also give me that little shudder of youth. Nostalgia makes me feel otherworldly for a couple of minutes. I just really love the feeling of being not where I am at the moment.

Although you can’t store a smell to save for re-living memories later, I like making playlists every month that include all the songs I’ve listened to and found throughout that month. This helps me feel nostalgia from things that weren’t too long ago. Yes, I’m that person who finds a song she really likes and can’t put it off repeat for a good 5 days. The music I discover throughout that month also correspond with what I’m going through/how I feel so documenting my discoveries in a handy dandy playlist is like storing memories for me to re-live later (which I find convenient). Sometimes I have trouble feeling it because I’ve listened to a song so many times again that it holds more memories than what I’ve remembered it to have. I really love when that happens though, it makes me feel more feelings (haha). If you don’t know where to make playlists, I like to use They hold a large variety of tunes for you to listen to.

Being able to feel a positive experience from the past is very precious. At times, I determine whether a moment I’m experiencing is noteworthy or not and end up ruining how special a moment really is. Although nostalgia isn’t as amazing as an experience is at the moment, I think it’s cool that we’re able to feel bits and pieces of what we felt in the past from things as small as a scent or song.


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