Different People, Different Feelings

“The more I get to know myself the more I’m convinced that there are two of me.”

This year has included a lot of self discovery and what really surprised me was that I don’t only have one distinct side to my personality. What I mean by that is with all the interesting and different people I’ve met this year, they have all brought out a different side to me.


Early in the school year, I was placed to sit next to this girl named *Abigail in my math class. I’m not one to approach people and making new friends was the least of my concerns at the time. However, she turned out to be very sweet. She was super easy to talk to, we had a similar sense of humor, and we were both fans of Phantogram. Day by day, sitting next to her in math made me realize how strong our bond had become. We planned study dates with each other and completed almost every homework assignment together. I noticed myself opening up at random times when our conversation flowed in that direction and that’s when I realized she brought out a side I never really thought I’d shown anyone before. We went from merely classmates to being able to hold deep conversations about almost anything. And when I first stepped into the classroom I would have never thought we’d even talk.

Out of the many things I’ve discovered about myself, the most apparent side of me was how I behaved through sadness. What made this year so special was being able to make friends with a person who communicated with me through what I didn’t have to say. She detects how I feel through the things I don’t react to and what song I choose to listen to on repeat for the day. Our bond is different from others’ because we both know how it feels to be mentally disconnected with our surroundings. I guess in that lonely void we stumbled upon one another and found each other interesting. I appreciated someone trying to figure out my ordinary and quiet self and her trying to get to know me, helped me get to know her as well. I’m grateful to have met such a fascinating person who finds my ordinary traits to be admirable.

This year has made me acknowledge that different people come with different connections. Although, two of my closest friends I’ve met this year bring about different vibes, I appreciate the different bonds we have. It leaves me with something to look forward to.


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