U.S. History -Agent Orange


Agent Orange. The horrible chemical herbicide that was spread throughout Vietnamese Jungles.

I chose to write about Agent Orange because it had an impact on the Vietnamese AND the American soldiers that used it. The United States military units would get their pay back for what they would be doing to Vietnam.

The video shows that the last American soldier to leave Vietnam had, had a son born without the tips of his fingers; many other American soldiers who fought in Vietnam believed that Agent Orange was killing them.

Agent Orange was a herbicide that was used to kill large tracts of jungle, that would hide the Viet Cong. The government later revealed that Agent Orange, did in fact, cause cancer; a rare cancer called: soft-tissue sarcoma.

To this day, many people in Vietnam are still fighting the affects of Agent Orange; many children are born with severe defects, and strange cancers that can’t be fixed. The U.S government has come to finally helping the Vietnamese in getting rid of the dioxin in the soil and water of Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was fought with cruel tactics. Cruel tactics that seemed “innocent” at the time.

Napalm, a jellied form of gasoline that burned you instantly. This kind of attack on the Vietnamese was definitely not innocent. The U.S. government intended to hurt the Vietnamese with this weapon.

This woman, Kim Phuc, was a lucky survivor of a napalm attack that was famously caught on camera. Kim was only nine years old at the time. Now, years later, she is able to get laser surgery to cure her of her years of pain.

You can see how damaged her skin is from the napalm and how terrified the children in the picture are. Napalm was a deadly, deadly weapon. Kim took off her clothes, which was a smart idea because the napalm would sink through the children’s clothing and thus become in contact with their skin.

I chose this specific video because I think it is really cool to see that this woman is getting the treatment she deserves. She has been in so much pain and now she can be pain-free and live on.


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