U.S. History – War on Terror

The ‘war on terror’ isn’t working…This article talks about the recent actions in the Middle East and what the presidential candidates are saying they will do about it. I feel like anti-war protesters feel similarly to this article, though not fully.

In this article, Andrew Bacevich, gives suggestions as to not push the war forward. The presidential candidates are all saying they must deploy “more bombs, more raids, more boots on the ground” which is the same thing that Lyndon B. Johnson did. He escalated the war in Vietnam very quickly and that’s what the current presidential candidates are trying to do as well.

Bacevich gives examples on what the American government should do instead of going straight into war, guns blazing. Point one: self-protect, point two: restore stability, and point three: promote agents of change. Like the anti-war protesters, Bacevich believes that war isn’t the only option.


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