Urabe Mikoto

I’ve watched many anime in my lifetime but my absolute favorite would be Mysterious Girlfriend X. It has a spooky soundtrack even though it’s supposed to be a romantic comedy and I think it goes really well together. The manga released in 2006 and the anime aired in 2012 and ever since then I dreamed of being just like the main character, Urabe Mikoto. 

She carried a mysterious vibe with her everywhere she went and selectively chose which people she wanted in her life and was very cool about it all. Being the new girl in school, making new friends was difficult because she spent all possible lunch breaks sleeping and declined offers to eat lunch with some of the girls in her class. She also tucked a pair of scissors under her skirt and extracted them to cut the nearest item when someone came too close to her. No one would know what she was thinking or feeling because she was really reserved and hardly opened up even to people she considered close. Throughout the story her relationship with a boy named Tsubaki Akira progresses but even then, he explains that they’re bond is a mysterious one as they never talk about their feelings or attempt to.

The reason why she chooses not to speak about herself is because she’s able to swap feelings with people through a special bond. She shares this bond with only two people (implying that they’re very important people) and that’s what makes her selectively social; if you didn’t share that bond with her, you wouldn’t get the opportunity to know how she really feels towards things. Therefore, swapping feelings was another way for her to communicate without actually speaking.

What really stood out to me about Urabe Mikoto was that she didn’t care how the rest of her classmates viewed her. She knew she was singled out and titled a weirdo starting from the first day of school but that didn’t matter to her. Her only concerns were whether the two very important people in her life were happy. I look up to her character because she’s very strong when it comes to criticism and doesn’t pay mind to things that don’t matter to her. I’m the type of person to care intensely about things that shouldn’t be a big deal but watching Urabe’s character makes me want to act otherwise. I think she’s a really unique individual and I only hope that one day I could be just like her.


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