We are Banana Goats.

banana goats pic

Our goal is to provide insightful or laid-back blog posts about life, art, photography, food, social trends, magazines, and more, all while including aesthetics. These blog posts will either be slow and relaxed, thus Daisy Dreams; or insightful, clear, and invigorating, that will hopefully reach readers on many levels and broaden their perspective, thus Lucid Dreams. Whether your interests are easygoing reads or palpable oeuvres, you should check out Daisy & Lucid Dreams.

Trevor – Editor: He has written other blog posts, is currently in FVHS Senate, and hopes to work for a magazine company in the future.

Cathy – Manager & Documentarian: She is in BBN and is very organized and on top of things to make sure everything gets done. Her motto is:


Amanda – Designer & Artist: She is an excellent artist with a unique and refreshing taste that follows aesthetics.

Samantha – Marketer & Social Media: She uses Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more and is knowledgeable in all these platforms and often posts class info on the Japanese Facebook page.


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