Self Control


One of the hardest things to accomplish are the goals you’re not willing to dedicate time and effort into. Whether it’s your health, school routine, or who you are as a person, if you’re reluctant to the goals you set for yourself, it’s the most difficult to achieve them with the wrong attitude.

Recently I found out that I have high blood pressure. My doctor told me it was abnormal for someone as young as 16 years old to have it. However, it isn’t major. She didn’t prescribe me any medication due to the fact that they come with intense side effects. She told me I could easily reduce the number if I exercise regularly and eat healthy and balanced meals. Though I am aware of the terminal consequences, I still have a hard time changing my diet and exercise routine.


My whole life, I’ve rarely watched what I ate. Freezer foods, instant ramen, and everything bagels were mainly what was included in my daily diet. In addition, the only exercise I’ve gotten was from Just Dance, PE, and occasional roller skating. Transitioning to a different routine so suddenly was easier to talk about than actually do. Talking with my doctor gave me an illusion of productivity and I strongly believed I could patch my lifestyle in a flash. However, that wasn’t the case. I have very low self control. I’ll give into temptations within seconds and I’ll pass up an opportunity to exercise if my favorite show is on. In short, I’m a piece of lard (lol). But it’s a new year, guys. I’m determined to make 2016 dedicated to feeling like the best version of myself everyday.

Though determination for an unfamiliar goal can be difficult, it isn’t impossible. I believe I can conquer this obstacle if I really set my heart and mind to it. It really all depends on what sorts of things you choose to value. In this case, I value my life rather than the foods I choose to taste for a couple of seconds. And if any of you reading this are struggling with the same problem, I believe in you. If I, a figurative piece of lard, can do it, you can too!


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