U.S. History – Asian American Movement



I chose this movement because as an Asian American I am very proud of my heritage and love learning more about it. Though I wish they would teach us more about Asian-American history. Or maybe just Asian history in general.

The Asian American community had many struggles such as discrimination by white people. That is why the Asian American community really looked up to the Civil Rights Movement for the battle of civil rights. All they want is equality, hence the name of the group.

They just want their civil rights, “the right to have a decent living, right to have a job, right to have a quality education, decent housing,” says Margaret Chin, New York City Council Member and AAFE (Asian Americans for Equality) Founder & Former President. She says that those are all things you have to fight for, you just can’t expect to get them.

The struggles were very similar to the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement and of the African Americans. Asian Americans faced discriminatory hiring practices and police brutality and through the Civil Rights Movement they learned that they could have a say in their rights. They could fight  back, they could march and protest.

An example of a struggle they had was the Confucius Plaza incident, they wanted to build a building in Chinatown with federal money, but not hire Chinese workers. There were many Asian American families that were poor and struggled to find jobs and so they were just reacting to a system that pretended they didn’t exist.

The two fires that happened in San Francisco in Chinatown caused hundreds of houses to be burned to the ground. Causing hundreds of families to be homeless. The AAFE couldn’t just keep demanding for housing, so they decided to take it upon themselves to build their own houses.




One thought on “U.S. History – Asian American Movement

  1. Suaylia says:

    Yess I wish there is more focus on Asian American history.
    I was only aware about Asian American community like the CA area until like a year ago.

    I grew up learning about Asian history but I wish I had more of AA knowledge, you know?


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