Procrastination Killed Me

If you were to ask anyone, literally anyone that has gotten to know me and learned my work system, I would be labeled the #1 procrastinator of all time. It’s such an unhealthy habit, but nothing motivates me to do my work more than time crunches. Consequently, late-night cram sessions on my bed with my laptop and multiple tea mugs stacking on my nightstand are the events that occur weekly throughout the school year. Surely there are people struggling with the same problem; we care about finishing our tasks but get distracted by the lovely distractions of the world. But to be honest, there are much better methods to get what is needed to be done, done.

  1. Don’t do homework on your bed.

I’m definitely guilty. Beds are one of the most welcoming places to pretty much do anything; from eating, painting your toes, sleeping (obviously), and most importantly, working. But don’t be fooled! The warmth and relaxation of your bed can cause you to feel too comfortable driving you out of your work grind. I know for me, my constant comfortable work position makes me take an excessive amount of breaks. Though brief breaks every 20 minutes or so can be a good thing, make sure you’re progressing with your workload in between the times. Also, working on your bed for a number of hours can create a bad posture due to hunching. A desk and chair is recommended for a good back and good progress.

  1. Turn off your phone.

This is so bizarre. I thought I wouldn’t have to check my phone every 2 minutes while trying to understand physics but guess what? I do. I never realized how dependent I was on my phone to get me out of boring/silent situations until I attempted changing my study habits. Flipping my phone over to the other side on silent wasn’t a good enough discipline for me, either. I’d just flip it back over and spend another 15 minutes scrolling until I’ve realized I broke out of my work mentality.

Another reason I procrastinate is because it’s difficult for me to get started. Once my phone is off, I really have no other distractions for me to be wasting my time on and actually begin my work.

  1. Eat small snacks.

It seems silly, but I catch myself working a lot quicker and more efficiently when I set myself a bowl of peanuts to munch on while I do my work. I think it’s the fact that I’m subconsciously satisfying my hunger whilst getting some work done so I’m fueling myself as I go.

I’ve learned that there are many different ways one can improve on their toxic habits. Though there may be other handy methods for us procrastinators to pick up on and begin habitually, but as for now, these are a few of my favorite ways.



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