Escapes from Reality

Going to the movie is a favorite activity for many people. We all know and love the smell of popcorn, and movies are like an escape. This is the same with books and TV and almost all entertainment. It is all an escape from the troubles of real life. 

Movies are the visual escape, and I think that’s why so many people like them. There’s not really much one has to do when enjoying a movie, but watch. There are also, many different types and genres ro suit everyone. This goes the same with books. 

Books are interesting and spark imagination. But I still think it’s an escape. People can read almost anywhere and it is another mode of escape. For example, my friend Clarissa always reads and taker her book with her. I also notice she is often stressed, but seeme content when reading. She likes to immerse herself in her books and drift from reality. 

Music is also an escape. Sometimes when I am super stressed, I put my earbuds in, blast the music, and go to a place other than what I am dealing with. I think it helps for my memtal stress levels, but obviously it’s unhealthy for my ears. But just like movies and books, music is also an escape. 

These are just a few of the things we use to escape from the realities and troubles of life. When we get stressed, anxious, sad, etc. we turn to these to reprieve ourselves from pain temporarily. 


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