Haters Gonna Hate

*Warning: Foul language is to be expected.*

You hate me. He hates her. She hates him. You know what I hate? Hate. Hate’s a hateful word and in general, hate itself is strong and hurtful. People today use it so casually as though it’s nothing. We use it so often too that it’s like we don’t even give much thought to whether or not we really do hate what we say we hate and whether we realize the potential of who we could hurt as we send that hate. Why do we do that? What’s the use?


Hate can come in many forms for example, words like “gay” or “homo.” These terms are evolving into literal rolling snowballs. As people are using it more often, whether jokingly or not, it’s impacting the younger generation to assume that the usage of those words are perfectly okay. I remember a couple weeks ago, I overheard my younger cousin webcamming with his friends and using many words that are shown in the picture above. My heart just stopped. The fact that I heard someone, nevertheless a person that I care about, doing everything that I’m against, I started to question where all this came from. Being the nosy person that I am, my inner parent released and I barged into his room and basically investigated his whole group of friends where they all heard those words from. Their response was, “It’s cool. Everyone at school says it.” That’s just the problem. It doesn’t stop from there. When you’re sending hate behind someone’s back, that’s the start of giving yourself permission to make someone feel horrible about themselves. That’s why it is extremely essential to clarify to people of all ages the potential of how far that type of bullying can go. Because what they did, was just the start of what they’ll continue to do in middle school, high school, and the rest of their lives.


In most cases this applies to celebrities. These people are so constantly being bagged on that it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if their job description was: Must be talented, have good communication skills, and is able to hear and receive hate comments on a regular basis and ignore them at all times and is able to not let them affect their self-esteem, but if it does, do not let it be evident, just cover it up with a smile. Basically, they’re not allowed to be human.

It’s disgusting how people respond to celebrities. They’re not committing any crime (well, most of the time). They are living their lives–they are trying to chase and accomplish their aspirations like each and every one of us. And like every one of us, we have feelings and emotions. We should be allowed to express those emotions–But it’s difficult to do that when every minute of your life is being watched like a surveillance tape and with every move you make, you’re being knocked down again and again.

We put these well-known people on a pedestal, assuming they have live life so highly that a “little critique” can’t touch them. But, no. It’s time that everyone realizes that just because someone has a bodyguard, blocking any physical violence that comes their way, words can punch and hurt anyone. And you know what, the pain is just the same too.


There’s no doubt that hate and negativity harms the world and the betterness and positivity of our lives, but the best and only thing anyone can and should do is to backfire those haters and turn them into your motivators! Don’t get addicted, respond, or stir up into the drama. Shake it off. Be the better person. Take their words as the reminder and push to continue on doing your thing and living your life. If those haters want to use their time criticizing you, then I think it’s obvious who’s spending their life more sensibly (That was rude, I apologize).

The point is, no one can shut down the haters. The truth to it all is as much as we try to, we can’t. But we should all be aware that we live in the same world, share the same space, breath the same air, and like Madonna said, it’s big enough for all of us! No one wants to live in a world contaminated with hate and feuds. Drama and negativity gets the best of us and cuts us away from what really matters. And that is not how we should live our lives.

And if you think this post was just an excuse to somehow include Taylor Swift…


Then, yes, yes it was.


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